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Jesse Reeves
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Daughter of the teenage Miriam Reeves, the ancient vampire Maharet's descendant, who had died in a car crash. The sole survivor of the Reeves family of South Carolina. Member of the Great Family.

After the car crash fell under Maharet's protection. Grew up in the adopted family of Maria and Matthew Godwin. Since early childhood possessed extraordinary abilities: read minds, saw ghosts, etc. At the age of 17 entered the University of Columbia. Met, and had a brief sort of love affair, with Mael. Upon graduation worked in the British Museum, until Aaron Lighter invited her to join the Talamasca and take up the job in the archives. In the summer of 1981, when she was 31, started working on the vampire history. After a while, after an encounter with the ghost of Claudia, during an assignment by David Talbot, was pulled off the investigation due to nervous breakdown. Worked in India, after that, on cases of reincarnation. Failed to get permission to return to the work on vampires and left the Talamasca to start her own investigation.

Death, and Birth to Darkness
Injured (neck broken) by a vampire during Lestat's concert, mainly because she was a Talamascan; saved and turned by Maharet:

But who was this other being? The one who sat to the right of Maharet, who stood directly opposite Marius at the far end? Now, this one truly gave him a shock...

But this being had been alive yesterday, surely. And he could find no explanation for her strength, her frigid whiteness; the piercing manner in which she stared at him; and the overwhelming telepathic power that emanated from her, a cascade of dark and finely delineated images which she seemed unable to control. She was seeing with uncanny accuracy the painting he had done centuries ago of his Amadeo, surrounded by black-winged angels as he knelt in prayer. A chill passed over Marius... A monster. A monster with green eyes and delicate bones. Born yesterday, yes exactly as he had figured it; there was living tissue in her; and suddenly, he understood all about her. This one, named Jesse, had been made by Maharet. This one was an actual human descendant of the woman; and now she had become the fledgling of her ancient mother. The scope of it astonished him and frightened him slightly. The blood racing through the young one's veins had a potency that was unimaginable to Marius. She was absolutely without thirst; yet she wasn't even really dead....

from The Queen of the Damned

This is a role-playing journal; Jesse Reeves is a creation of Anne Rice and I do not claim her as my own. Photos used to represent Jesse are of Kate Winslet, who has no connection (that I'm aware of) to Rice.